Zanzibar Island

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Zanzibar Island non è uno stato indipendente, nel 1964 l’unione di Zanzibar e del Tanganyika diede origine alla Tanzania…

ma Zanzibar rimane un mondo a parte.

E’ un’isola lunga circa 80 km che si trova a poca distanza dalla costa sull’Oceano Indiano.

Le sue origini coralline ci regalano spiagge bianchissime, acque turchesi e un mondo underwater pieno di colori.

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 E’ questo che ne ha fatto negli ultimi anni l’isola-simbolo delle vacanze tropicali!Fulcro delle rotte commerciali degli antichi regni di Persia, Zanzibar rappresentò l’incontro tra Africa e Oriente.

Per secoli regnarono sultani provenienti dalla Penisola Arabica e se ne possono ancora respirare le atmosfere ed i profumi negli antichi palazzi, nelle vie acciottolate di Stone Town e nelle piantagioni di spezie.

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Zanzibar island offers you endless opportunities:

Are you looking for beautiful beach in a country rich in nightlife and activities? No doubt you’ll love Nungwi! A place only for you and the other guests of the lodge? Here is the elegant resort of Pongwe!

A long tide with the sea full of colors? Kiwengwa and Jambiani will surprise you with an infinity of shades of turquoise and blue!

Do you want to treat yourself to a small island for you? The atoll of Mnemba or Chumbe Island is waiting for you!

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Choosing the most suitable place for your holidays requires good knowledge of the island.

Tanzania da sogno estensione mare

The ocean is very subject to tides and in some beaches, although beautiful, it is difficult to swim, in others there are many algae, in others still the coral rock emerges from the sand.

Some of these conditions vary with the seasons. In addition, the great tourist influx has created the phenomenon of vendors on the beaches, and it is better to know in advance if we will find ourselves in a secluded place or in the middle of life and commerce!

For this reason we have personally visited all the lodges we offer you, ask us without hesitation!

zanzibar island

Easy to reach:

by air: directly from Italy with an internal flight (about 200 dollars each way if you book at least 45 days in advance), available from all the mainland locations.

by ferry: the fast ferry leaves from Dar Es Salaam every day at different times, it takes 2 hours and is safe and convenient (maximum cost 50 dollars), but it’s not possible to book it in advance.

Activities not to loose:

Zanzibar island

The trips and activities are many and beautiful, we highly recommend it!

Stone Town: the guided tour of the ancient city will steal two hours but you can not give it up! Despite the tourist exploitation, walking through the cobbled streets between markets and palaces of the ancient sultans is a great emotion and makes travel in time. Really suggestive dinner at the mobile kitchens of Forodhani Garden.

Jozani Forest: tropical forest of precious red mahogany in the intertwine of which live the rare red colobus, white-throated cercopithecus, galagons, cephalopods, over 50 species of butterflies and 40 species of birds. You can also visit the thick and intricate mangrove forest of Chwaka Bay.

Spice Tour: visit the spice plantations cultivated under the palm groves: looking, sniffing, eating, you will learn to recognize every kind of spice and to learn their culinary and medicinal use. The tasting lunch will let you experiment with some dishes where food and spices are combined in a refined and creative way. For those who wish in the afternoon visit the caves and the beach of Mangapwani.

Prison Island: boat trip on the island where racilant slaves were kept and where some giant tortoises now live. It is usually combined a day around islets and tongues of sand.

Blue safari in dhow: with the sturdy traditional boat for a walk between beaches and islets.

Dolphin Tour: surf in the company of these beautiful mammals having  fun approaching the man.

Diving: all the resorts can organize outings and equipment rental, both for beginners and for divers experts.

Depth fishing.

 Kate surfing: in many beaches you can practice this fun water sport.

Visits to the villages: to know how to live simple things in this paradise of sun and sea.

Mini SafariMini Safari: with a short internal flight you can choose to visit two or three parks among the most beautiful in Tanzania.zanzibar island


none in mainland

yellow fever in zanzibar as you arrive from the mainland

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