For who wants wild nature and love a bit of adventure! The Wild travel guarantees you:

  • Private off-road safari car in the park’s area with an experienced driver-guide accompaning you from when you get off the plane till when you go up; water in the car;
  • full board in economic level camping and B&B, with private bathroom. Kili Sky Safaris will provide assembling the tents and our cook will take care of all the meals.

All accommodations that we offer in Tanzania have been personally visited by us and carefully selected for your needs.

The Wild trip requires a bit of camping habit and a good ability to adapt, but it certainly allows you to experience a more African … Africa!



  • The tents are supplied by Kili Sky Safaris, they are large, in good condition, clean, equipped with mosquito nets, mats and cushions. It will be our staff to take care of assembling and disassembling them at every stage or if you want … you can help! We can provide a proper tent for each couple or a large tent where you sleep even in 5. Even single tents if there are not many requests.
  • It will be your care to bring you a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag. Both the North and the South parks are located around 1000 or more altitude meters, so at night it can be cool, it’s recommended to always have a heavy sleeping bag and at the same time a light sheet. The Ngorongoro Crater’s edge is over 2000 m and can reach a few degrees above zero.
  • If you have baggage problems we can rent you the sleeping bag at USD 5 per day per person.
  • It is very useful to bring a front battery with many spare batteries, in the evening the campsites are poorly lit.
  • Mosquitoes sting almost exclusively after sunset (around 6 pm), it is necessary to have a good repellent (tropical) and long clothes that cover the whole body. There are fewer than in Italy and they are also less aggressive.



  • The cars used are the off-road safari cars with popup foof, the same as the Comfort safari. The parks have dirt roads that require very robust cars. Before each safari they are checked by the mechanics under the supervision of the driver who will drive them
  • During the safaris the roof is opened to allow anybody to look and take pictures easily.
  • All your camping equipment should be on your car, so we recommend carrying soft bags and not rigid suitcases.
  • The cars are equipped with an electric power strip to charge phones and cameras. It is not necessary to have the English adapter.
  • Bottled natural water always available in your car.



  • On the Wild trip you will have a private cook, equipped with a field kitchen, table and chairs to eat. In the evening and breakfast will be done on the camping, while lunch will be lunch box.
  • The chef decides the menu, usually in the lunch box there is roast chicken, vegetable sandwich, fruit juice, banana, boiled eggs, pineapple … chocolate if walks are planned.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know in the special application form on the registration form. Our cook will do everything to satisfy you


  • The “equipped camps” are equipped with shared bathroom, more or less Spartan. It’s suggested to bring shower slippers. The water is not drinkable, it’s okay for the shower but to wash your teeth use bottled water. Sometimes the water for the shower is plenty, sometimes not. In peak periods it may even end or not be so hot.
  • It’s usually possible to wash some clothes, or ask the camp staff to do it for us, behind an agreed fee.
  • The most tourist routes always have equipped campsites.
  • In the “not equipped campsites“, in the wildest areas, there are no baths. To wash you use the water carried in tanks by our staff, so we try to use as little as possible. In these cases, you’ll use the real “masai bath”: a bush!



  • B&B are the cheapest way to sleep downtown. The rooms are a double bed or a two beds, equipped with mosquito net, bathroom in the room, clean sheets, even if quite small. It could be useful to have your large sheet.
  • Shower water is not always hot, sometimes you need to ask the staff. Water is not drinkable. Sometimes it comes out plenty, other times not. It is possible to wash clothes or ask the staff to do behind an aggreed.
  • The B&B chosen by Kili Sky Safaris are usually places near local restaurants, so that you can move easily even in the evening.


  • For a local meal (rice, meat / fish, beans, cooked vegetables) you could spend about 8 USD, the food is not cheap in Tanzania, there is no malnutrition but the feeding of the population is very simple.
  • You should take care to eat only hot and freshly cooked food. For the wonderful fruit should be better buy it and clean it by itself
  • On our site’s blog you’ll find a description of the different types of food found on the street, in local markets and restaurants.



  • There are many ways to move by yourselves. In the capital you can use a bajaji (bagiagi), our bee car, fun and cheap, avoidingn queues passing on sidewalks (!!!!).
  • The locals use the dalla, the crammed people buses,very very cheap. Even the boda boda, the taxi motorbikes, are very used by the locals, but they really drive in a reckless way.
  • For very long journeys, from one city to another, there are modern and clean coaches, where you book the place. To get from Arusha to Dar Es Salaam, it costs about 20 USD per person (about 12 hours of travel). They travel at 50 km/ h because the streets have only one lane.
  • To reach Zanzibar there are fast and modern ferries, you can buy the ticket the day before, near WILDthe port, but we cant book it. They cost between 35 and 50 USD, depending on the time and day. If you don’t find tickets at the desired time or if it’s a public holiday, ypu can buy it in one of the several agencies (they come to look for them), paying a little more.
  • At boarding time you’ll need a He will look for you, they are dressed in blue and orange and know how to pack the bags, for the modest sum of 5000 Sh. Upon arrival in Zanzibarwill be the same. Getting to Zanzibar requires the usual practices at the borders, passport verification, check baggage, sometimes also request vaccination against yellow fever.


TANZANIA NORTH PARK tanzania parchi del nord

Tha classic tour with the reachest animal’s park: Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti.
Duration of stay 7 days/6 nights

valuation starting from

1798 euro around (2124 USD) minimum 2 peolpe

1372 euro around (1620 USD) minimum 4 people

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elefanti, tarangire, tanzaniaTANZANIA NORTH PARKS AND ZANZIBAR 

The very best of Tanzania in one week: Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, ZanzibarDuration of stay 8 days/7 nightsvaluation starting from

1480 USD minimum 2 peolpe

1074 USD minimum 4 people

internal plane transfer included, at least 45 days in advance

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tanzania parchi del sud e kilwa


The wild and undeveloped South and a dip in Kilwa’s history. Dar es Salam, Mikumi, Ruaha, Udzungwa, Selous, Kilwa.

Duration of stay 7 days/6 nights + 3 days/3 nights Kilwa extension
valuation starting from
1717 euro around (2020 USD) minimum 2 peolpe
1275 euro around (1500 USD) minimum 4 people

Kilwa extension (only Confort) 641 euro around (754 USD) minimum 2 peolpe
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meravglioso sud

The most beautiful parks of the wild and wonderful South (Ruaha, Mikumi, Udzungwa mountains), little beaten and rich in biodiversity and the exclusive island of Mafia, paradise of diving and tranquility.

Duration of stay 9 days/8 nights
valuation starting from
2155 euro around (2535 USD) minimum 2 peolpe
1497 euro around (1761 USD) minimum 4 people
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diving mafia islandA lush and exclusive island, one of the most beautiful coral reefs, whale sharks, hawksbill turtles, nudibranchs and endless varieties of fish in a mostly not pristine sea.

Duration of stay 7 days/6 nights
valuation starting from 920 euro ( 1081 USD) minimum 2 people
10 dives 490 USD
PADI course open water diver 629 USD contact us

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Zanzibar low cost
Zanzibar low cost Beach beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees, spices and resorts for all tastes. Perfect extension after the mainland safaris.

Duration of stay 4 days/3 nights
240 euro minimum 2 people
Duration of stay 8 days/7 nights
460 euro minimum 2 people
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